Despite the overwhelming odds, vitriolic disparaging, crippling ennui, and mild rage, the Blather returns looking shinier and prettier than ever before…again!

Yes, folks, here we are and here we go.

Looks pretty snazzy, doesn’t it? I concur. Even this font bespeaks of the cream colored pages that you would find in a quirky, off beat humor book that you received as a joke gift a decade ago, finally decided to read about a month ago, and quickly donated to St. Vincent’s for the tax write-off only yesterday.

So after all the harumphing and hooting and hollering, why the slicker look? This was for several pre-formatted reasons:

  • Because the text content really won’t be any different, so why not have it nicer to look at?
  • Because of the deep personal reasons that I would never bring forth to the public at this point because each memory stabs me in the eyes like a jagged piece of licorice, if you will.
  • Because there’s only so much Columbo one can watch in a day before getting around to writing something. (Although, I’m starting to prove this point incorrect.)

At any rate, this blog looks smarter despite the author being anything but. And that is the most important part. So without further adieu, as there has been a veritable surplus of adieu to the point that the pallets of unused adieu have proven to be quite a nuisance indeed, please enjoy the newer, sweeter smelling A Full Rich Blather!

To break up the monotony of my verbiage, here is a picture
of the glamorous Thelma Todd with an anonymous fan.

For a first time reader, let me get you started by getting you to ask yourself a few questions:

  • If you went to all the bother in learning how to read, why did you start reading here out of all the other places on earth?
  • Did you use the potty before clicking here? Because I’m not going to stop along the way if you have to…you know…
  • How many Frenchmen can’t be wrong? Give up? Well, you were warm and so was she, but don’t be discouraged. With a little study you can go a long way and I wish you’d start now.
  • If you could truly have it all, how much closet space would you need? It is never enough, is it?

Ah, I’m glad you asked these questions that I asked you to ask yourself. Feel better? Good. You might experience a bit of nausea the first time around, but that is only natural given your horrid diet. So allow me to return again to thank you for choosing to read A Full Rich Blather!

Published by benjaminawink

Being at best a lackadaisical procrastinator, this is purely an exercise in maintaining a writing habit for yours truly. This will obviously lead to the lucrative and inevitable book/movie/infomercial deal. I promise to never engage in hyperbole about my blog, which will be the greatest blog mankind has ever known since blogs started back in 1543. I won't promise anything other than a few laughs, a few tears, and maybe, just maybe, a few lessons about how to make smokehouse barbecue in your backyard.

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